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The winter months can put the starter battery to the test. Low temperatures have a big influence on the battery. On the one hand, it is more difficult to apply energy to start the combustion process, because more charging voltage is needed than at warm temperatures. In order to avoid overcharging, the battery has to adapt to the various external influences. The result is that in winter the battery does not charge completely and stores less energy compared to summer months. Chargers offer a lot of help in such cases. When choosing a new starter battery, it is important to pay attention to the vehicle data and technical specifications. Pole arrangement, dimensions, voltage and capacity are important search criteria. Search accordingly for a suitable spare part in our Q-Parts24 online shop. In addition to batteries and chargers, you will also find useful accessories that will help your battery on the go.

Chargers and accessories from renowned manufacturers

Modern chargers enable a battery to recharge itself even at sub-zero temperatures. Tests check that they can charge a battery to at least 13.8 volts at temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius. Chargers from Bosch, Hella, Kunzer and other well-known manufacturers are tested for various factors. You will find high-quality products with a great price-performance ratio in our range. In addition to chargers, various accessories help to charge your battery or to protect it from the cold. At Q-Parts 24 you will find thermal protection sleeves, pole clamps, pole covers, distilled water, pole grease and more. You can always have battery accessories ready in your vehicle, because they can be easily stored. So you are always prepared for unforeseen failures and can help yourself or others. Thanks to our logistics we can deliver the desired product to your door within 1-2 working days. In addition, we offer advantages such as a long return policy and a competent service team that will gladly answer all your questions. Do not hesitate and let us advise you on the subject of batteries and chargers.