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Lights: Fog Lights

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By fog lights in our shop, we mean all lights that are helpful in poor visibility conditions, such as fog. These include front fog lights, which are located at the front of the vehicle, and rear fog lights, which are located at the rear. Both are additional lights that are not mandatory in Germany. Nevertheless, rear fog lights have been standard equipment in vehicles since the 1990s and both solutions can already be found in modern vehicles. Upgrade your vehicle with new fog lights or repair your defective lights with individual parts and suitable bulbs. In our shop you will find tested quality from brands such as Osram, Valeo, TYC or Hella. Observe the regulations on the use of fog lights in road traffic to avoid expensive fines. Then nothing stands in your way of driving even more safely and with enhanced visibility.

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Front fog lights for even better forward visibility

The installation location of the fog lights and their amber luminosity ensure better visibility. They are mounted particularly low on the front of the vehicle, i.e. below the conventional headlights. Together with dipped headlights or parking lights, they provide greater visibility, which is an advantage in difficult weather conditions caused by rain, snow or fog. The amber light also reduces glare. You can switch on the fog lights at the same time as the low beam, i.e. when visibility is less than 50 metres. Order suitable fog lights for your Audi, Mercedes, BMW, etc. from us or repair your existing lights with bulbs and individual parts.

Warn traffic with the rear fog light

As already mentioned, the rear fog light is also an additional light that is fitted to the rear of the vehicle. The red light is up to 20 times brighter than the normal tail light. It is therefore only used in poor visibility conditions caused by fog or snow. Visibility must be less than 50 metres for the light to be switched on. The rear fog light warns the traffic following your vehicle. They draw attention to you even in very poor visibility conditions. Observe the regulations and only use rear fog lights when visibility is less than 50 metres to avoid fines. In such poor visibility conditions, you should also reduce your speed accordingly. Keep an eye on yourself and the traffic with high-quality rear fog lights from Q-Pasrts24.