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The basic task of car filters is not to let dirt through and to protect the car components or the interior from the individual particles. There are of course many different types of filters depending on the area of application and the function. At QParts24 you will find everything to do with Auto Filters. From cabin filters to hydraulic filters to oil and fuel filters. Our range offers you products of the highest quality for all common cars. Among others you will find brands such as Mann Filter, Bosch or AIC. Simply order the right spare part online now and benefit from faster delivery and purchase on account. Discover our selection of vehicle filters with free delivery for orders over €150.

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Function types of filters

Mainly you can split filters into 4 different effects. There is the sieve effect, centrifugal force effect, adhesive effect and magnetic effect. The first are the most well-known filters. A screen filter consists of a screen, either fiber or metal with a small mesh, that filters the dirt particles. Centrifugal filters are used to remove impurities and pollen from the air. Rapid rotation moves impurities to the edge of the filter and sticks there. Filters with an adhesive effect (wet air filters) are often found on motorcycles. This filter consists of a metal mesh with a film of oil to which impurities stick. The magnetic effect is mostly used in oil and hydraulic filters. They have a magnetic element that removes ferromagnetic dirt particles. These filters are often combined with the screen filters to protect the medium even more from dirt.

Auto Filter finishes

When choosing a filter, you can rely on the high quality that we offer you at Q-Parts24 with our range. Our products are tested for a long service life in order to delay the next filter change. Nevertheless, you must have all filters checked regularly to guarantee the best function. We recommend changing the filters in a workshop to avoid simple mistakes and to follow the correct disposal. With us you will find car filters and usually everything for the proper maintenance of your car. Various auto filters for different functions, which ultimately protect the engine and the vehicle occupants. Don't hesitate to use our simple search form and find the right auto filter for you. If in doubt, contact our support, who will be happy to help you with their know-how.