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ABS sensors for car brake system

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If your vehicle has reported a defect in one or more ABS sensors, you should visit your workshop as soon as possible. If you want to save money when replacing, choose the appropriate spare parts in our Q-Parts24 online shop. With us you will find wheel sensors for all common makes and series, whereby we offer you low prices and fast delivery. With just a few entries, you can use our search filter to find the right spare parts and soon be able to benefit from maximum safety on the road again. If you have any questions about wheel sensors and other car parts, use the direct contact to our team and let them help you personally. Discover our product variety of ABS sensors.

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Function of ABS sensors in modern vehicles

ABS sensors are used to monitor the rotation of your car's wheels and detect any malfunctions. In addition to the regular turning of the wheels while driving, this applies in particular when braking when the brakes lock up on wet or icy roads. This behavior is immediately recognized by intact wheel sensors, so that electronic aids such as the ABS can be switched on. This makes it possible, for example, for the wheels to brake independently of one another.

The wheel sensors have been found in all modern vehicles for years and have become indispensable with the introduction of electronic braking aids. In recent years, other ABS sensors have been added, which are used, for example, to check the air pressure in tires. This allows early detection of whether a tire is losing air and the affected driver does not have to expect an unexpected flat tire. In the Q-Parts24 online shop you will currently primarily find wheel sensors that are used for electronic brake control.

ABS sensor defective: what are the consequences?

The sensor in a car monitors the vehicle and provides important readings. If there is a defect in one or more sensors, there is not an immediate danger to the driver or to road traffic in general. Nevertheless, an important control function is omitted, which can quickly have fatal consequences, especially with ABS sensors and the brake system.

If ABS sensors are no longer working properly, you as a driver risk that the ABS or ESP will no longer be activated. The functioning of these most important systems is no longer guaranteed, so that the next time you brake hard, if you are aquaplaning or on snow, your tires will constantly lock up. If you delay replacing defective wheel sensors, there may be a real risk. With the favorable conditions in the Q-Parts24 online shop, however, you should be able to quickly decide on the right spare parts.