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Do you want to rely on branded air filters for your vehicle and buy first-class quality? Then the Q-Parts24 car parts shop is the right place for you. Choose from over 4,200 air filter brands and convince yourself of brand quality that is also used in racing. We offer engine air filters for vehicle brands such as Audi air filters, BMW air filters, VW air filters, Ford air filters, Skoda air filters and many other brands. In our filter range we have various series from German as well as international brand manufacturers. Choose between well-known filter manufacturers such as Mahle air filters, Bosch air filters, K&N air filters, Coopersfiaam air filters and Mann air filters, which are valued as suppliers to the major vehicle brands in the automotive sector. You also have the choice between screw-on filters, dry filters, filter inserts and long-term filters.

Based on your vehicle selection, find the right engine air filter for your vehicle model and take advantage of our offers today to be able to buy a new air filter. Thanks to our dispatcher for car spare parts within two working days, you will have the filter ready for installation in your vehicle in a timely manner. We look forward to your trust and offer you attractive prices for the highest quality when you buy air filters from Q-Parts24.

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The engine air filter is used for clean air in all engine components and is one of the wearing parts that always need to be well maintained. Because it is important to protect the engine from dirt particles in order not to cause any damage. So that the engine performance does not decrease over time and the engine components can work, the car air filter must be replaced at regular intervals. Find the right engine air filter for your car in the Q-Parts24 auto parts shop.

Air filter: effective protection for the engine

If dirt gets into the engine, it can act like sandpaper and the engine power decreases. To avoid this and how hard the engine filter has to work to do this depends on the time of year, the weather and the road environment. The basic task of the car air filter is to filter the intake air from an engine. This task is performed in a filter by the screen filters, which sort out the dirt particles through their meshes.

Engine air filters are used in both petrol engines and diesel engines. They clean the intake air before it enters the carburetor, the injector insert or the cylinders of a car engine. Every engine sucks in air, depending on the cubic capacity. Sometimes two engine air filters are installed in the car, then usually in one housing. The filter material has the task of cleaning the intake air and supplying the engine with the cleaned air so that a perfect combustion result is achieved. The filter consists of a filter material through which the combustion air of the engine is passed. Dust and dirt particles are filtered out and cannot penetrate the engine.

Why change the engine air filter?

Why is it important to protect the engine from dirt particles and therefore to change the engine air filter at regular intervals? There are many dirt particles in the air that we cannot see with the naked eye. At the latest when you change the filter, you will be amazed at how dirty or how dense it is. Now you can imagine what it would have meant for the engine of your car if this fine dust had penetrated the engine block unhindered. Any dirt and dust affects the filigree parts that are installed in the engine like sandpaper. Even the piston rings suffer from these fine dust particles and degrade over time. On the other hand, the auto filter is an inexpensive consumable part that can effectively protect the engine. In the past, air filters and transmission oil filters were washed out frequently and reused several times. Nowadays, this procedure is only common for historic cars built up to the 1960s. Washing the dirt and grime out of the filters, drying them and hoping they stayed in shape was a waste of valuable time and always a source of danger if not done properly. In addition, acetone was often used in the past for filter cleaning, which ultimately was almost as harmful to both the fitter and the engine block as the rubbing dirt particles because of the vapors. Nowadays, changing the air filter has become child's play. The prices for the new filter materials are also so moderate that every car owner can afford to dispose of the old filter and exchange it for a new one. How often you should change the engine air filter depends on various factors. In midsummer, in bad weather conditions and in a special road environment, a more frequent change would be advisable. Otherwise, we assume a change interval of every 30,000 to 40,000 kilometers or, to put it another way, every two years at the latest.

Sieve filters, lamella filters, sieve disc filters and sports air filters - which air filter you need

Sieve filters are generally used as air filters, although they are often reminiscent of a typical lamellar filter. The actual screen filter consists of a close-meshed mesh made of metal or plastic or a perforated plate. In and of itself, the screen filter can initially only filter relatively coarse dirt from the air. Now the slats come into play, which optimize the advantages of the indestructible screen filter material. Lamellae are mounted between the individual sieve discs, which attract the dirt particles through rotation. Another design of the screen filter, which is also used in many car models, is the screen disc filter. Several screens with different passage sizes are installed next to each other or in a row. The finest filter material is at the end of the construction and only has a maximum passage of 60 microns. The engine of your car is optimally protected from dust and dirt with these two filter models.

At Q-Parts24 we offer you, among other things, K&N air filters and MANN air filters or sports air filters from well-known manufacturers such as Bosch and Coopersfiaam. KN air filters are particularly characterized by the fact that they are still made of a washable material and are therefore sustainable. All filter models we offer are of excellent OEM quality.

Sports air filter for more performance increase

Have you ever dealt with the topic of sports air filters or wondered what advantages they bring with them? We would like to tell you. With such a filter model, the engine is able to draw in more air. The conclusion is that it offers more performance. Many tuners swear by sports filters made from a special cotton material. Theoretically, any commercially available paper air filter can be exchanged for a cotton filter and immediately provides an increase in performance of around 7.35 kW (10 hp). It doesn't matter whether it's for an interval change or to increase performance: There is hardly an easier measure than an engine air filter change. The either round or square container in which the filter is located is opened and the air filter insert inserted. The container is then closed and the engine filter change is complete.

Of course, Q-Parts24 also provides you with the corresponding engine air filter container or closures if the originally installed filter container is defective. Take a look around our online shop and use the key number of your car to order the right car air filter. At Q-Parts24 we offer you first-class filter variants from well-known manufacturers at unbeatably fair prices.

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