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Emergency Assistance Equipment

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A car breakdown or accident is the horror of all motorists. It is therefore all the more important to be prepared for an emergency. At Q-Parts24, we stock everything you need to carry in your vehicle in our extensive car accessories shop, clearly sorted in the individual categories. Whether it's a tow rope or tow bar, you're sure to find what you're looking for here! In Germany, the law prescribes what roadside assistance equipment must be carried in the vehicle. The TÜV regularly checks this equipment. It is mandatory to carry a high-visibility waistcoat, a warning triangle and a first-aid kit. It is sensible to have a high-visibility waistcoat on board for each occupant. You can buy these waistcoats inexpensively at Q-Parts24 and increase the safety of all passengers enormously in the event of a car breakdown. This way, everyone can be seen in the dark. The first aid kit can help save lives in an emergency. For this reason, the sterile packaged contents have an expiry date. Therefore, check your first aid kit regularly when the contents have reached the printed expiry date, so you can conveniently and cheaply buy inexpensive replacement sets for the first aid kit at Q-Parts24, which saves money.

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Keeping calm and protecting yourself and all passengers is the top priority in the event of a breakdown. Switch on the hazard warning lights. Whenever possible, leave the road with your car and stop in an emergency bay or car park. On the motorway, this is often impossible; here you should bring the car to a halt on the hard shoulder. Switch off the engine and leave the parking lights on in your vehicle. Every passenger should put on his or her high-visibility waistcoat, so it is sensible to carry several waistcoats. However, only one waistcoat for the driver is required by law in Germany. All leave the vehicle via the passenger side, never step carelessly onto the roadway! Get to safety, on the motorway the safest place is behind the crash barrier. If your vehicle is a traffic hazard, you must call the police quickly. If this is not the case, you can contact one of the nationwide breakdown services, such as ADAC. These are available around the clock. Set up a warning triangle to alert other vehicles to the danger. What do you do if your car breaks down? With the right preparation, this question loses its horror.


We offer you many more roadside assistance devices that provide valuable help in the event of a breakdown. Jump leads from Herth+Buss Elparts or warning lights can always be handy. In addition to roadside assistance, some tools can also be useful to carry. Like a torque spanner, for example, in case you need to change tyres. Be prepared for a breakdown? It's time you prepared yourself and your vehicle for the worst. Be prepared for any eventuality so you can drive safely on the roads. Above all, keep yourself and the occupants safe; the car can be restored to working order at a workshop. You can also buy the right spare part for the repair in our online shop.