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Car Radio

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In our online shop we have various car radios that are suitable for everyone. From previously known 1-DIN radios to DAB radios to complete multimedia receivers. You will find devices with navigation systems, music streaming, Bluetooth, voice command function, large LCD displays, and much more. Radios are now part of the basic equipment of a vehicle, they are used for communication, information and entertainment, and sometimes also for navigation. Radios are standardized. A 1-DIN car radio can be found in older vehicles that have a 1-DIN car radio slot. These radios also have newer functions, such as music streaming or Bluetooth. 2-Din car radios are more modern and larger. More space, qualitative displays and newer technologies. Find the perfect radio for your car and your needs with us. Discover new information systems and order car radios from manufacturers such as Blaupunkt, Pioneer or VDO.

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Bluetooth function in the radio

Technology evolves every day and so do the functions in your car radio. Nowadays some features are indispensable. For example, to make calls with Bluetooth. For this, a transfer of your contact data from the mobile phone must be secured. Simple contact selection via voice control and high connection quality make phoning in the car convenient, but also legal. Good speakers not only make phone calls pleasant, but also music enjoyment. Your entire music world can also be transferred from your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Audio streaming allows for convenient control and listening to your favorite songs. This function is even available with 2-DIN car radios. Wireless music transmission for more convenience - discover your options with us.

Integrated navigation vs. online navigation

The integrated navigation is now almost part of the basic equipment. Today, nobody can claim that they don't need navigation, e.g. to go on vacation. Integrated navigation has a map of the whole of Europe loaded offline and enables route calculation and route selection from point A to B. Without a data connection, the car only knows the exact location with a GPS connection. The newer technology of navigation is online navigation. There is always real-time information here. Your route calculation is therefore up-to-date and changes with new traffic jam reports and accident reports. This form of navigation is very modern and proves to be the most useful during everyday traffic, as well as on longer routes. Check out our shop for radios or multimedia systems with online navigation.

Latest developments such as DAB and media integration

Today's radios can do more than just Bluetooth calls and navigation, they can mirror your entire phone. With systems such as AndroidAuto or Apple Car Play, apps such as Spotify, Google Maps, Whatsapp or Facebook are played back on your display. You can therefore operate everything via voice control and have your messages read out to you, even reply to them. The only downside to these features is that they use your phone's data allowance. Nevertheless, this is a very convenient and pleasant radio function. If you still don't want to do without the radio and want to listen to your favorite stations without interference, you should have a DAB+ function. Because today all radio stations are going digital. DAB+ radios have a better sound and less reception interference than classic FM radios. These are the radios of the future. Buy a car radio with DAB+ now or upgrade your old radio with a DAB antenna or FM splitter.