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Air conditioning spare parts for your car

93 matching parts found

Air conditioning can be a real lifesaver, especially in summer. That's why it's all the worse when it fails unexpectedly. For a quick repair, we recommend ordering cheap air conditioning replacement parts online so that they can reach you in 1-2 working days. The workshop or even you can take care of the rest. Discover our range of car parts suitable for your vehicle model. With us you will find air conditioning systems for VW, Audi, Opel and other manufacturers. Shop conveniently online now and enjoy free delivery from €150.

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Temperature control with the air conditioner

The air conditioning system has more functions than just air-conditioning the vehicle interior, as the name suggests. In addition to cooling, it can also heat the vehicle. The temperature regulation creates a more pleasant atmosphere for the driver and the occupants and thus contributes to driving safety. The built-in cabin filter ensures that the inside of the car is protected from pollen, dirt particles and harmful gases. With a normal air conditioning system, it is necessary to independently adjust the temperature with a controller. If the outside temperatures and influences change, you have to regulate the temperatures again. Modern automatic air conditioning, on the other hand, adjusts the temperatures automatically. The desired temperature is only set once and the system is then adjusted by sensors. The modern solution is more efficient and fuel-efficient. No matter which system is supported by your vehicle, at Q-Parts24 you will find all the necessary spare parts for the air conditioning system.

Construction of the air conditioner

To put it simply, the structure is a circuit consisting of several parts. The coolant circuit changes the aggregate state of the refrigerant and thus drives the air conditioning system. First, the coolant in gas form is heated in the compressor (also known as compressor) by high pressure and thus compressed. The agent then circulates into the condenser, which is located next to the radiator and a fan. Thus, the refrigerant is cooled down and converted back to the liquid state while still maintaining the high pressure. Impurities and dirt particles are then filtered in the dryer. The liquid coolant now enters the evaporator through the expansion valve. In this there is a drop in pressure, which changes the state of aggregation back to gaseous. This change requires heat, which is obtained from the surrounding air. Finally, the fans distribute the now cold air into the vehicle interior.

Buy cheap air conditioner spare parts online at QP24

In order to guarantee that your air conditioning system runs perfectly, it is advisable to service it regularly. Working under high pressure and coming into contact with liquids and dirt causes natural wear and tear. Defects in the circuit can often lead to leaks or a bad smell. To ensure continued comfort in the vehicle, go to a professional workshop and check all components. QP24 helps you keep a cool head in the summer with spare parts from well-known brands. Our range offers you hoses, regulators, dryers, evaporators, condensers, compressors from brands such as Bosch, FEBI, Mahle, Ate, Valeo or Hella. We also provide you with sensors and valves at very profitable prices. Don't hesitate and order the new components for your air conditioning system online now from QP24. Order the right parts risk-free and benefit from fast delivery and a simple right of return.