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Ignition system and glow plug system spare parts for your car

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In internal combustion engines, ignition is the ignition of the fuel-air mixture. This takes place in the engine cylinders. The mixture self-ignites in the case of a diesel engine. The petrol engine needs spark plugs for this. These produce a high-voltage spark that ignites the mixture. These are part of a complex system, the ignition system. It ensures complete combustion in all vehicle conditions. One problem lies in the exact adjustment of the ignition timing. So that the performance of the engine is optimized, fuel consumption is reduced and CO2 emissions are reduced. To achieve all of this in your vehicle, you need a working ignition system. All the parts you need can be found in our Q-Parts24 online shop.

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Spark plug, ignition switch, ignition cable and Co.

The ignition spark is generated by a voltage source. The output energy in modern cars comes from a battery. The energy is passed on to the first winding of the ignition coil. This forms a magnetic field, amplified by the iron core of the coil. An ignition switch (interrupter) interrupts the magnetic field when opening. The breakdown develops a high voltage in the secondary winding of the ignition coil. An ignition cable transmits the ignition energy. Either directly to the spark plug or to an ignition distributor, which shifts the distribution in time. The ignition coil generates a voltage of up to 40,000 volts. As a result, the gas cloud between the spark plug and the electrodes is ionized, releasing energy. The spark ignites the fuel-air mixture. Diesel engines work by self-ignition, which needs a certain minimum temperature. Glow plugs, which are placed in the engine head, are used as a starting aid. The heating coil reaches into the combustion chamber, when the required voltage is reached, the glow plugs heat up. These can reach a temperature of up to 1000°C. The air in the combustion chamber is then heated. Glow plugs enable preheating, which starts the engine even at sub-zero temperatures.

Order 24 spare parts for the vehicle ignition at Q-Parts

Since the parts of the ignition system are under high stress due to the increased temperatures, they are classic wearing parts. So if you are looking for new ignition coils, glow plugs, spark plugs, ignition distributors or ignition cables, you have come to the right place at Q-Parts24. Let our competent team advise you on which spare parts are suitable for your vehicle or simply search on our online site. Don't sacrifice quality for low prices. We offer you products from well-known manufacturers, such as Bosch, Era, KW, Blueprint or febi bilstein under sensational offers. You will usually receive the parts within 2 working days. In addition to fast delivery, we also offer a 30-day right of return. Find the right part now!