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suspension springs

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Do you need new suspension springs because heavy loads within the suspension caused a defect due to natural wear and tear? No problem! We at Q-Parts24 have high-quality new suspension springs for your car for you. Get VW suspension springs, BMW suspension springs, Audi suspension springs, Ford suspension springs, Opel suspension springs or springs from a completely different manufacturer from us to make the suspension of your car functional again. With us you get the right springs for the front axle and rear axle in different versions. Buy springs for vehicles with and without electronic damper control, for vehicles with M-technology, for vehicles with sports suspension or a screw-in suspension.

Choose from over 5,000 suspension springs for your car and convince yourself of the perfect brand quality, which is also used by some manufacturers in racing. All suspension springs in our offers are from well-known brand manufacturers such as Bilstein springs, Eibach springs, H&R springs, Lesjöfors springs or Sachs springs. Use our simple search form or contact our support team to find the right springs for your car suspension. Take advantage of our offers today to be able to buy new suspension springs. Thanks to our fast delivery, you will have the springs in your workshop quickly. Let the quality and professionalism, as well as the long right of return from Q-Parts24 convince you now!

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This task is performed by springs in your chassis

Suspension springs are of crucial importance for the driving safety and driving comfort of a vehicle. They support the vehicle's weight and absorb vibrations and shocks caused by driving on rough roads. A well-functioning suspension improves the stability of the vehicle and allows the driver better control and more precise steering. It also protects the body and other parts of the vehicle from damage. It is therefore important to check the springs regularly and replace them if necessary to ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience.

Suspension springs are comparatively simple automotive parts that perform their task as part of the entire suspension strut. With modern spring struts, the wheel suspension and springing are directly combined with one another, so that the unevenness of the road surface is absorbed directly by the wheels and the wheel suspension. Suspension springs are designed as coil springs that are easy to install or replace. This means that a car workshop does not necessarily have to be visited for these spare parts, with the appropriate skill and tools even laypeople can do this.

Using new or different springs is not only popular in series vehicles, but above all in the tuning scene. Harder springs are preferred here, so that at higher speeds not all bumps are immediately transferred to the chassis and affect the comfort inside the vehicle. Of course, harder springs than car parts can also be installed in series vehicles if the corresponding driving experience is desired. It is advisable to replace the entire set of springs and the complete spring struts so that all components are adapted to the changed driving behavior.

Recognizing and eliminating damage and defects in chassis springs

As part of vehicle damping, springs have to deliver maximum performance on every journey and are therefore subject to slow wear. This also applies to external influences such as changes in temperature or humidity, so that rust becomes a problem over the years. On the one hand, this can reduce the spring effect, but cracks and other damage up to the complete breakage of the spring have a much more blatant effect.

In this case, the suspension effect of the chassis spring is often lost abruptly. This can be directly noticed by a change in driving behavior, with one-sided damage immediately leading to unsafe road holding and unfamiliar steering of the vehicle. Otherwise, as rust progresses or other damage occurs, the spring effect will slowly decrease. Here it is important to pay attention to changes in the chassis, for example whether the chassis lies quietly on the road in the usual way and the vehicle can be steered smoothly.

Riding with a broken spring can cause a number of problems:

  • Vehicle instability: A broken spring can cause the vehicle to be uneven on the road and become unstable. This can lead to an increased risk of an accident as the vehicle is more difficult to control.
  • Deterioration in driving comfort: A broken spring can significantly reduce driving comfort as it is no longer able to absorb bumps in the road. As a result, vibrations and shocks are passed on directly to the occupants, which can lead to an uncomfortable driving experience.
  • Tire and Other Component Wear: A broken spring can also cause the vehicle's tires and other components to wear out more quickly. This is because the spring is no longer able to evenly support the vehicle's weight, which can lead to uneven tire wear and other damage.
  • Damage to other vehicle parts: A broken spring can also damage other parts of the vehicle, e.g. the shock absorbers or the chassis. This may require further repairs, which can lead to higher costs.

Buy suspension springs - quickly and easily at Q-Parts24

If you are looking for springs from well-known manufacturers such as Lesjöfors, you have come to the right place in the Q-Parts24 range. In addition to springs, you will find many other car parts in our shop that you can order cheaply online and thus contribute to the value retention and safety of your car. With just a few entries, you can use our search mask to find the right springs for your vehicle. Of course, the Q-Parts24 team will also be happy to help you personally to buy cheap Golf springs, Audi A3 springs or Astra springs.