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Parking brake spare parts for your vehicle

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The parking brake or handbrake is an important element in the braking system of any vehicle. While the classic disc or drum brake is operated while driving and is almost always controlled via a hydraulic system, the parking brake ensures that the vehicle is secured when it is stationary to win the car. Defects and damage to this brake are not uncommon, for example due to the brake cable tearing. Replace your parking brake with suitable spare parts. You will find a wide range of cables, brake shoes and repair kits from well-known brands in our Q-Parts24 online shop. Upgrade your handbrake now.

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Parking brake: task in the vehicle

The most important function of the parking brake can already be seen from its name. When the car is parked in one place, locking an axle is intended to prevent the vehicle from rolling with the help of this brake. It is located in the center of the vehicle interior and can be pulled up powerfully, with the locking being achieved via a lever mechanism. This type of security is indispensable for holding or parking the car on a road with an incline or decline, otherwise the vehicle could roll away by itself.

While driving, the parking brake is used in the same way so that you don't have to keep your foot on the brake pedal when driving off or while waiting. Since it works purely mechanically, tightening it requires more effort than pedaling. The braking effect decreases over the course of months and years, but the parking brake can be tightened and does not have to be replaced immediately with corresponding spare parts.

Identify parking brake defects

Since the parking brake is indispensable for safe parking of the vehicle, this vehicle part should always be intact. This also applies while driving if the regular brake z. B. failed due to a defective brake hose. In this case, pulling the handbrake hard can help to decelerate the vehicle. In addition to the frequent use of the parking brake with wear and tear on the associated brake parts, the brake line can tear as it ages and the movement is too jerky.

It is immediately apparent that the parking brake has a defect. Pulling up the lever inside the vehicle is possible without any resistance. Even when parked and the brake applied, the vehicle is still mobile and threatens to roll, for example, on a downhill slope after parking. It is essential to supplement the brake with the right car parts and in the meantime park the vehicle only on a level surface.