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Sport air filter for your car

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Sports air filters are an important part of the tuning scene. These differ from the air filters in that they are made of cotton and not paper. This makes maintenance easier, replacement is less frequent and they are washable. In addition to the replacement air filters described here, there are also open sports air filters. These are built cone-shaped and placed in the intake tract. In our online shop we offer complete sports air filter systems from the K&N brand. Even if they don't always increase the performance immensely and this is only possible with a complex conversion, the rich and sporty sound convinces most car fanatics. We will hopefully convince you with our fast delivery and large offer. For over a decade we have been offering the highest quality products and guaranteeing a long life for your vehicle. Search now for a sports air filter for your vehicle or let our team help you.

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Performance increase through sports air filter

With more air flow, the performance of the engine is increased accordingly. More air in the engine compartment can also lead to dangerous side effects, so it is advisable to install a sports air filter in a workshop. To install a sports air filter in the car, more extensive tuning is required. In addition to the filter, a cool box is also needed, which cools the air before it is transported into the engine combustion chamber. Without this cooling, it can lead to a reduction in performance. Another potential downside of the higher engine power is increased fuel consumption. The higher air intake in the engine combustion chamber creates a louder noise. The more intense engine noise and increased engine performance are the main functions of a sports air filter. A TÜV test is required because of these properties.