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Track widening

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Wheel spacers serve both the visual tuning of the vehicle and the improvement of its handling. The name is self-explanatory; this replacement part widens the track width of the car, meaning the distances between the tires. It's important to note that the tires should not protrude beyond the wheel arch, as that would result in incomplete coverage. This modification gives the car a sportier appearance and is considered tuning. A positive side effect is improved stability during driving and more precise cornering with reduced body roll. Additionally, it contributes to safer driving because the vehicle's center of gravity is better distributed across the axles. Wheel spacers are installed using spacer discs attached to the suspension. Find suitable replacement parts for your vehicle model in our online shop.

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Wheel Spacers for Track Widening

There are two ways to widen the track of your vehicle: either by changing the tires or, as we recommend, using wheel spacers (also known as track spacers). This is a simple vehicle tuning method that doesn't require complex suspension modifications. With minimal effort and cost, you can quickly widen the track of your vehicle. The wheel spacers must be mounted on both sides of the axle to maintain driving stability.

When using wheel spacers, it's essential to replace the wheel bolts. The thickness of the wheel spacer increases the distance between the wheel hub and the wheel mounting surface. Therefore, you need to consider the bolt shank length for driving safety and tire stability. In our shop, you'll find complete wheel spacer sets that come with the appropriate hub-centric rings and wheel bolts. There are also wheel spacers that attach to the suspension and have specific threaded holes suitable for standard wheel bolts."

Please note that this is a technical description of using wheel spacers for track widening on a vehicle.

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It is possible to mount the wheel spacers on the front or rear axle only or on both axles simultaneously. Additionally, there are wheel spacers with or without centering. Wheel spacers can come as flat discs or with threaded holes. The selection in our shop is extensive. You will find high-quality products from manufacturers such as H&R or Eibach. Don't forget that these aftermarket parts must have a General Operating Permit (ABE) and/or a partial certificate, and they must be approved by an inspector like TÜV. If you want to make these or other tuning modifications to your vehicle, trust in our products. Check out our online shop for more aftermarket parts for visual tunings, such as design foils, decorative trims, and much more.