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Middle silencer for your car

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Does your car have an increased noise level while driving? Then there is a chance that your center silencer is defective and you need a new one for your car exhaust! A visual inspection of the exhaust system to determine whether there is a defect usually helps here. If so, Q-Parts24 has the right exhaust parts for you and can help you. Find the right middle pot for your VW, Opel, Audi, Skoda or a completely different vehicle manufacturer in our car parts shop. Our middle silencers are all from well-known brand manufacturers such as Bosal, Eberspächer, Ernst or Pedol.

Simply use the exhaust product filter to find the right middle silencer for you. Thanks to our delivery times of 2 working days, you will have your new middle silencer for installation at home or in the car workshop in a timely manner. Take advantage of our offers today to be able to buy a new middle silencer cheaply. From an order value of 150 euros, the new middle pot for your vehicle will be delivered free of charge.

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If the new center silencer is in your garage, you have to drive the car onto a lifting system or over a pit in order to be able to work undisturbed and safely under the vehicle floor on the exhaust system. Unscrew the center silencer on both sides. It is not uncommon for the screws to rust. Special exhaust tool will help you remove these screws. Now you can remove the old center silencer and mount the new silencer component including a new exhaust gasket, new exhaust screws or an exhaust assembly kit. Once all the muffler components have been installed, you should use a sound meter to check whether your car falls below the limit values in terms of noise pollution. Depending on the vehicle type, these are around 70 decibels.


Damage to a center silencer is mainly caused by corrosion, because the entire exhaust is constantly exposed to harmful influences such as moisture, road salt and gravel. This creates rust, which later leads to holes in the housing. The clearest sign of damage to the center silencer is changes in the sound of the car. A greatly increased noise level, rattling under the underbody and similar noises can indicate damage.


A car's engine creates kinetic energy by detonating a mixture of air and fuel in the cylinders. As with any explosion, this creates sound pressure that would cause a significant noise level if the sound were not directed through the center silencer. For these reasons, the car's exhaust system not only serves to clean the exhaust gases, but also reduces noise pollution for you, other road users and the environment. Depending on the structure, an exhaust system has two or three silencers. If there are three silencers, the one in the middle is called the middle silencer or middle pot. Buy your new center silencer or center pot or other exhaust spare parts conveniently online at Q-Parts24.


In terms of their structure, middle silencers are divided into absorption silencers and reflection silencers. In the absorption silencer, the exhaust gases are guided through a material such as glass wool, which absorbs part of the sound pressure and thus reduces noise pollution. A reflective silencer allows the gases inside to flow through several chambers, gradually attenuating them. The gases braked in this way are then fed through pipes into the rear silencer before exiting the exhaust.